Techniques and Tips in Esophageal Practice:

The OESO Online Manual of Practical Esophagology

Esophageal Physiology and Function Testing

Understand the sequence of physio-pathologic events occurring in gastroesophageal reflux
J.G. Brasseur Play video
13.30 min
2 How to classify esophageal motility abnormalities using high-resolution manometry
J. E. PandolfinoPlay video 13.23 min
3Read and interpret esophageal high-resolution manometry tracings.  J.E. Pandolfino not yet available
4Read and interpret esophageal impedance tracings.   R. TutuianPlay video16.05 min
5Impedance-pH monitoring: How to read a study in 20min  R. TutuianPlay video9.53 min

Esophageal Pathology—Technique and Interpretation

Histologic classification of  dysplasia in Barrett’s esophagus  H. Appelman Play video 11.42 min
2 Interpret the pathologist's conclusions on grading of esophageal dysplasia.  H.D. AppelmanPlay video 22.30 min
3Assess the efficacy of the diverse bio-markers now available for the follow-up of Barrett's esophagus. R.K. GoyalPlay video21.52 min
4Interpret the results of flow-cytometry in esophageal disease.  Qin HuangPlay video13.38 min

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and Hiatus Hernia

Pharmacotherapeutic strategy in the treatment of severe GERD   C. Scarpignato  Play video 13.33 min
2 Evaluation of suspected esophago-pharyngeal reflux  I. F. HerrmannPlay video 9.36 min
3Paraesophageal hernia repair  R. P. TatumPlay video9.31 min
4Choose the best surgical technique to treat shortened esophagus.  B.A. JobePlay video23.09 min


Treatment of Esophageal Motility Disorders

Endoscopic treatment for achalasia:  botox and dilation    J. Richter  Play video 11.00 min
2 Surgical treatment of achalasia:  laparoscopic Heller myotomy and antireflux procedure  B. K. OelschlagerPlay video 11.23 min
3Treatment of Zenker’s diverticulum: open vs. endoscopic    J.-M. CollardPlay video13.15 min
4Treatment for epiphrenic diverticulum    L. Bonavinanot yet available

Esophageal Cancer and Barrett’s Esophagus

Classify the molecular events interacting in malignant Barrett mucosa.      J.S. Wang Play video 14.59 min
2 Interpret variations of esophageal carcinoma incidence in the literature Y. RomeroPlay video 11.07 min
3Evaluate the quality of life of Barrett patients and the cost-effectiveness of the various treatments applied.     A. UmarPlay video12.47 min
4Endoscopically recognize the non-dysplastic aspect of intestinal metaplasia at the lower esophagus.    R.E. Samplinernot yet available
5Select among the various techniques of endoscopic ablation of BE or decide the referral to a surgeon.  G. TriadafilopoulosPlay video24.47 min
6Technique of endoscopic mucosal resection for Barrett’s with high-grade dysplasia  K. Wangnot yet available
7Light dosimetry for photodynamic therapy of Barrett’s Esophagus  L. JonesPlay video8.32 min
8Propose a safe method of surveillance to a Barrett patient.  G.W. Falk Play video21.57 min
9Evaluate TNM classification in Barrett carcinoma. J.M. Collard Play video22.23 min
10Decision for neoadjuvant therapy for esophageal cancer  C. Schuhmacher not yet available
11Minimally invasive esophagectomy  B. A. JobePlay video13.17 min