Primary Motility  Disorders of the  Esophagus
 The Esophageal
 Esophagogastric  Junction

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Volume: The Esophageal Mucosa
Chapter: Mucosa and symptoms

15. How can epithelial resistance be assessed? Is there a relationship between defects in epithelial resistance and symptoms?
R.C. Orlando (New Orleans)

16. Which factors lead to esophageal inflammation in GERD?
J. Janssens (Leuven)

17. What features are evidence of reflux-related esophageal lesions?
A. Duranceau (Montreal)

18. What are the particular features of purely diurnal reflux?
J.S. de Caestecker (London)

19. Can the rumination syndrome be differentiated from physiologic reflux?
AJ.P.M. Smout, R. Breumelhof (Utrecht)

20. What is the correlation between mucosal damage and symptoms? Are symptoms adequate for the classification of esophagitis?
W.C. Orr (Oklahoma City)

21. Can severe reflux symptoms without endoscopic evidence of esophagitis be due to irritation of the nerve of the submucosa?
Y. Hamanaka, Y. Hirose, H. Hayashi, T. Murakami (Yamaguchi)

22. The otorhinolaryngologic manifestations of esophagitis: peptic laryngitis
R.T. Sataloff, D.O. Castell, M.J. Hawkshaw, J.R. Spiegel (Philadelphia)

23. Are GER and asthma related?
SJ. Sontag (Hines)

Publication date: May 1994 OESO©2015