Primary Motility  Disorders of the  Esophagus
 The Esophageal
 Esophagogastric  Junction

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Volume: The Esophageal Mucosa
Chapter: Strategy of investigations

24. What are the radiologic signs of reflux esophagitis?
M.S. Levine (Philadelphia)

25. Should endoscopy be routine before the treatment of GERD?
P. Renkes, M.A. Bigard (Nancy)

26. Does retroflexed endoscopic examination of the cardia allow prediction of reflux status?
S.J.M. Kraemer, LD. Hill, R.B. Kozarek, R.W. Aye, C.E. Pope II (Seattle)

27. Do the motor disorders of esophagitis precede the development of a stricture or a Barrett's esophagus?
M. Wienbeck, A. Moll, J. Barnert (Augsburg)

28. Are barium studies useful in detecting abnormal esophageal motility as a manifestation of reflux esophagitis?
DJ. Ott (Winston-Salem)

29. What is the proportion of cases of pathological reflux with a normal sphincter pressure?
G.C. O'Sullivan (Cork)

30. Is it important to distinguish between voluntary motor activity and involuntary contractions?
M.N. Schoeman, R.H. Holloway (Adelaide)

31. Which manometric criteria should be observed in the assessment of an esophagitis?
A. Watson (London)

32. What may be expected from the new manometric techniques based on the three-dimensional sphincter pressure profile?
HJ. Stein (Munich)

33. Is there a criterion of pH measurement capable of distinguishing a population of patients at high risk of esophagitis, recurrence, or deterioration?
LF. Johnson (Bethesda)

34. What are the indications for pH measurement, both conventional and combined with event markers, in evaluating the symptoms of GER?
S. Bruley des Varannes, J.P. Galmiche (Nantes) C. Scarpignato (Parma)

35. What is the short-term reproducibility of the results of 24-h pH measurement in GER?
D.O. Castell (Philadelphia)

36. Is it possible to define the abnormal parameters of pH measurement in elderly subjects?
J.E. Richter (Birmingham, Alabama)

37. Do preoperative measurements of alkaline reflux and the concentration of biliary acids make it possible to avoid certain postoperative complications?
CA. Pellegrini (Seattle)

38. Can one specify unequivocal indications for pH measurement?
J.-P. Galmiche, S. Bruley des Varannes (Nantes) C. Scarpignato (Parma)

39. What is the comparative value of histologic study of the mucosa and 24-h pH measurement in the diagnosis of reflux esophagitis?
E. Bollschweiler, A.H. Holscher, J.R. Siewert (Munich)

40. Is there any effect of pH probes and pressure catheters on the function of the LES?
R.K. Mittal (Charlottesville)

41. In what cases is isotopic esophageal scintigraphy highly advisable?
M.K. Ferguson (Chicago)

42. What is the overall planning of functional investigation of a patient with esophagitis?
5. Cohen (Philadelphia)

Publication date: May 1994 OESO©2015