Primary Motility  Disorders of the  Esophagus
 The Esophageal
 Esophagogastric  Junction

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Volume: The Esophageal Mucosa
Chapter: Long-term treatments

109. What are the clinical effects of long-term maintenance therapy with PPIs?
L.C. Olbe (Gothenburg)

110. Proton Pump Inhibitors in children
E. Hassall (Vancouver)

111. In relation to antisecretory agents, what is the proper place of prokinetics in maintenance therapy of reflux?
G.N.J. Tytgat (Amsterdam)

112. Is recurrent esophagitis always symptomatic?
G. Bommelaer (Clermont-Ferrand)

113. May bacterial treatment directed against Helicobacter pylori have an effect on relapse in the small group of antritis due to H. pylori combined with reflux?
R. W. McCallum, J. Sarosiek (Charlottesville)

114. How can the cost-effectiveness of PPI treatment be assessed, compared to alternatives?
CM. Bate (Wigan, Lancashire)

115. Has the use of PPIs altered the indications for surgery?
J. Barbier (Paris)

116. Are motility disturbances secondary to reflux and can improvement be anticipated after effective treatment?
HJ. Stein (Munich), T.R. DeMeester (Los Angeles)

Publication date: May 1994 OESO©2015