Primary Motility  Disorders of the  Esophagus
 The Esophageal
 Esophagogastric  Junction

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Volume: The Esophageal Mucosa
Chapter: Antireflux valves

121. What are the factors of increasing LES pressure during dissection of the hiatal orifice?
G. Bommelaer, J. Boulant (Clermont-Ferrand)

122. What is the definition of brachyesophagus?
J. Testart (Rouen)

123. Should intraoperative motility be assessed?
G.G. Jamieson (Adelaide)

124. Is it legitimate to consider "standard" antireflux procedures in the presence of stricture?
A.G. Little (Las Vegas)

125. What disparities may be observed between clinical improvement and antireflux effectiveness?
AJ.P.M. Smout, R. Breumelhof, LM A. Akkermans, A. Jansen (Utrecht)

126. How can one reach a compromise between the efficiency of a valve, its deterioration with time, and the digestive comfort of the operated patient?
A. Sicular (New York)

127. May vagal injury be related to certain poor results?
E.G. Gooszen, J.M.L.M. Horbach, A.A.M. Masclee, C.B.H.W. Lamers (Leiden)

128. Can an undiagnosed achalasia be held responsible for some of the poor results?
E.H. Metman (Tours)

129. How may new symptoms appearing after surgical relief be related to the different techniques?
L. Lundell (Gothenburg)

130. Which is the best clinical application for long-term follow-up of operated cases?
C.O.H. Russell (Melbourne)

131. How should the manometric findings after antireflux surgery be interpreted?
J. Bancewicz, T. Ismail, J. Barlow (Manchester)

132. Can the results of a technique be assessed purely clinically?
C. Gautier Benoit (Lille)

133. Early recurrences seem due more often to poor selection than to poor surgery
C. Iascone, D. Castiglia, M. Barreca (Rome)

134. Are late recurrences often associated with evolutive tissular dysplasia or persistent delay in gastric emptying?
K. Geboes, M. Tshibassu (Leuven)

135. What are the results of antireflux valves?
A. Del Genio, G. Izzo, V. Maffettone, L. Fei,

136. What constitutes the need for intervention following any failed antireflux operation?
CA. Hiebert (Portland, Maine)

Publication date: May 1994 OESO©2015