Primary Motility  Disorders of the  Esophagus
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Volume: The Esophageal Mucosa
Chapter: Nissen fundoplication

137. What is the mode of action of fundoplication?
L. Lundell (Gothenburg)

138. Suture of the cuff to the esophagus seems essential to prevent its invagination into the stomach
T.P.J. Hennessy (Dublin)

139. Do we know why only certain antireflux valves come undone?
HJ. Stein, J.R. Siewert (Munich)

140. The endoscopy should be performed by the surgeon, especially in recurrences
HJ. Stein, J.R. Siewert, H.-J. Dittler (Munich)

141. What are the indications for reoperation after antireflux surgery?
A. Peracchia (Milan)

142. How can one compare the results of an operation which may be performed with so many variations?
J. Isolauri (Tampere)

143. How can one distinguish patients who would benefit from another type of procedure?
A. Duranceau (Montreal)

144. Are ulcers of the antireflux valve characteristic of the Nissen procedure?
C.G. Bremner (Los Angeles)

145. Can one envisage the role of partial devascularization of the fundus and gastroesophageal junction?
B. Launois, E Bardaxoglou, B. Meunier, S. Landen (Rennes)

146. May the etiologic factors possibly differ, - in early ulcers - and in late ulcers?
E. Tissot (Lyons)

147. Is it not reasonable to consider a total gastrectomy for an ulcer of the fundus resistant to medical treatment?
E. Tissot (Lyons)

148. What is the degree of obstruction to swallowing created by the Nissen valve?
A. Del Genio, G. Izzo, V. Maffettone, N. Di Martino, L. Fei, P. Zampiello, A. Allaria, A. Nuzzo (Naples)

149. What are the risk factors for morbidity in Nissen's operation?
M. Celerier (Paris)

150. What factors, other than mechanical ones, are involved in the syndrome of gastric distension?
G.G. Jamieson (Adelaide)

151. What are the causes of failure of Nissen's operation?
HJ. Stein, J.R. Siewert, H. Feussner (Munich)

152. What are the causes of motor disorders after a failed Nissen procedure?
C. Iascone (Rome)

153. Can the valve itself interfere with gastric emptying?
A. Moraldi, C. Iascone, P. Ginevri, C.U. Casciani (Rome)

154. What technical procedures are available to prevent vagal inclusion in the valve?
B. Launois, E. Bardaxoglou, B. Meunier, S. Landen (Rennes)

155. Can alkaline gastritis be implicated in postoperative complaints?
P. Burdiles, C.G. Bremner (Los Angeles)

156. Does Vansant's method facilitate the learning of Hill's technique?
C. Gautier-Benoit (Lille)

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