Primary Motility  Disorders of the  Esophagus
 The Esophageal
 Esophagogastric  Junction

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Volume: Primary Motility Disorders of the Esophagus
Chapter: Treatments of diffuse esophageal spasms

233. As in achalasia, has medical treatment no etiopathogenetic orientation ?
J. Fournet (Grenoble)

234. Is the role of dopaminergic receptors essential ?
J. Salducci (Marseilles)

235. What is the role of smooth muscle relaxants in the treatment of diffuse esophageal spasm ?
C. Scarpignato, A. Franze (Parma)

236. Is there a place for dopamine antagonists in the medical management of diffuse esophageal spasm ?
C. Scarpignato (Parma)

237. Unlike the findings in achalasia, nifedipine decreases LESP and contraction amplitude to a greater extent than in normal subjects
R. W. McCallum (Charlottesville)

238. What is the place of nitroderivatives ?
E. Tiomny, P. Rozen (Tel Aviv)

239. May pneumatic dilatations have a good effect if there is an associated disorder of LES ?
T.P.J. Hennessy (Dublin)

240. Should an extended myotomy be performed even if the muscle is not thickened ?
AC. Duranceau (Montreal)

241. Is intraoperative manometry of any help in the management of Diffuse Esophageal Spasm?
A.C. Duranceau (Montreal)

242. How long should the esophagomyotomy be ?
F.H. Ellis Jr (Boston)

243. What is the incidence of persistent symptoms following a limited myotomy ?
A.C. Duranceau (Montreal)

244. Is there a risk of late esophageal obstruction when myotomy is not extended on to the esophagogastric junction ?
G. G. Jamieson (Adelaide)

245. Should reposition of the gastric cardia be attempted in the absence of a hiatus hernia ?
J. Baulieux, A. Bel, C. Ducerf, M. El Riwini (Lyons)

246. Does an antireflux procedure prevent reflux in a myotomised aperistaltic esophagus ?
K. Jeyasingham (Bristol)

247. What type of antireflux procedure should be done following the myotomy ?
R.H. Belsey (Bristol)

248. Does addition of gastroplasty improve the results ?
M. B. Orringer (Ann Arbor)

249. What is the success rate with surgical therapy ?
H.J. Stein, T.R. DeMeester (Omaha)

250. Is a good clinical result satisfactory if there is no equivalent manometric improvement ?
H.J. Stein, T.R. DeMeester (Omaha)

251. Are the causes of failure of treatment of diffuse esophageal spasm linked with the difficulty of making the diagnosis of esophageal anomalies ?
J. Guerre (Paris)

252. Can the defective function of the esophagus in diffuse esophageal spasm be improved by esophageal myotomy ?
H.J. Stein, T.R. DeMeester (Omaha)

253. Under what circumstances should esophageal resection be considered for diffuse esophageal spasm ?
MB. Orringer (Ann Arbor)

254. When esophageal resection is required for esophageal spasm, what is the best way to replace the esophagus ?
MB. Orringer (Ann Arbor)

255. Does the state of the upper esophageal sphincter influence the choice of esophageal substitute ?
M.B. Orringer (Ann Arbor)

256. Can a colonic transplant take an active part in esophageal transit ?
F. Paris, M. Tomas-Ridocci, E. Moreno, G. Galan, F Mora, A. Benages (Valencia)

257. Where should the esophageal anastomosis be located ?
M.B. Orringer (Ann Arbor)

258. What is the incidence of pharyngeal dysfunction following esophageal anastomosis in the neck ?
G.M. Hambraeus (Lund), O. Ekberg (Malmo)

Publication date: May 1991 OESO©2015