Primary Motility  Disorders of the  Esophagus
 The Esophageal
 Esophagogastric  Junction

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Volume: Primary Motility Disorders of the Esophagus
Chapter: Acquired diverticula

303. What are the qualitative aspects of esophageal scintigraphy in non-specific motor disorders ?
M.K. Ferguson (Chicago)

304. What is the significance of lateral diverticula of the pharyngoesophageal junction area ?
O. Ekberg (Philadelphia)

305. What is the frequency of motor abnormalities in patients with Killian-Jamieson diverticula ?
O. Ekberg (Philadelphia)

306. Is incoordination of cricopharyngeal function the most common cause of pharyngoesophageal diverticulum ?
EH. Ellis Jr (Boston)

307. Coordination may be normal in Zenker's diverticula
D.O. Castell (Philadelphia)

308. Is the role of cricopharyngeal achalasia proved ?
G.C. Roviaro, P. Zannini, G. Negri, G. Melloni, R. Cavagnoli (Milan)

309. The cause of pharyngo-esophageal diverticula is far from clear
T. Lerut, R. Dom, K. Geboes, J. Mebis, J.A. Gruwez, W. Pelemans, J. Janssens, E. Ponette (Leuven)

310. Isn't dysphagia in the patient with a Zenker's diverticulum related to cricopharyngeal dysfunction rather than to the pouch ?
M.B. Orringer (Ann Arbor)

311. What is the role of motor abnormalities related to GER in diverticulum formation ?
A. Del Genio, G. Izzo, V. Landolfi, V. Napolitano, A. Ambrosio, A. Nuzzo (Naples)

312. What are the indications for endoscopic methods of treatment ?
A. Del Genio, G. Amato, V. Napolitano, M. Maresca, A. Allaria, A. Nuzzo (Naples)

313. Is diverticulectomy alone reasonable ?
W. S. Payne (Rochester)

314. Does diverticulectomy alone give rise to many recurrences ?
W. S. Payne (Rochester)

315. Have manometric studies shown a normal tonus after this type of operation ?
T.P.J. Hennessy (Dublin)

316. Should diverticulectomy be combined with a myotomy ?
Ph. Segol, Ph Hauters, M. Gignoux (Caen)

317. Is cricopharyngeal myotomy alone effective in the management of small pharyngoesophageal diverticula ?
EH. Ellis Jr (Boston)

318. Is myotomy alone reasonable for large diverticula ?
W.S. Payne (Rochester, Minnesota)

319. In the treatment of a Zenker's diverticulum, should an esophagomyotomy be advocated without objective motor dysfunction data ?
M.B. Orringer (Ann Arbor)

320. Myotomy combined with diverticulopexy
R.H. Belsey (Bristol)

321. How should we treat a diverticulum associated with reflux ?
R.H. Betsey (Bristol)

322. Can their congenital origin be proved ?
R.H. Belsey (Bristol)

323. Aren't disorders of motility observed whatever the etiology of these diverticula ?
T.P.J. Hennessy (Dublin)

324. What type of myotomy is indicated ?
P. Fuentes, L. Bordigoni, R. Giudicelli (Marseilles)

325. What is the incidence of associated motility disorders ?
N.K. Altorki, D.B. Skinner (New York)

326. Significant symptoms are more often due to the coexisting motor disorder than to the diverticulum itself
T.P.J. Hennessy (Dublin)

327. What is the frequency of associated gastroesophageal reflux ?
P. Fuentes, L. Bordigoni, R. Giudicelli (Marseilles)

328. How extensive should myotomy be ?
W. S. Payne (Rochester, Minnesota)

329. When can one consider not resecting the diverticulum ?
R.H. Belsey (Bristol)

330. It is often associated with disorders of esophageal peristalsis
M.D. Diebold, O. Bouche (Reims)

331. What is the role of isolated hypertension of the LES in intramural pseudodiverticulosis ?
O. Bouche, M.D. Diebold (Reims)

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