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Volume: Barrett's Esophagus
Chapter: Short Barrett's esophagus

What extent of gastric-type columnar-lining of the esophagus should be considered normal?
H.W. Boyce  

How can endoscopic identification of short segment Barrett esophagus be defined?
H.W. Boyce  

Can a strategy for diagnosing short segment Barrett's esophagus be defined?
R.K.H. Wong  

Are short segments of intestinal metaplasia at the gastroesophageal junction strongly associated with reflux esophagitis?
D.M. Beardsmore, C.M. Pring, G.W.B. Clark  

Is "minimal" or ultra-short segment Barrett's esophagus a consistent reality?
J.E. Richter  

How to classify patients with endoscopic Barrett's esophagus but absent intestinal metaplasia on biopsy?
G. Chejfec, S. Sontag, T. Schnell  

Can immunohistochemical studies (expression of cell surface glycoproteins) allow for a classification of Barrett's epithelia?
L.H. Griffel, P.S. Amenta, K.M. Das  

Should the terms "Barrett's esophagus" and "Barrett's mucosa" continue to be used, or an alternative classification system be defined?
S.J. Spechler  

Should any intestinal metaplasia found in normal esophagogastric junction be considered as a "very short" Barrett segment? What is the prevalence of such a finding?
R.K.H. Wong  

In patients with junctional type mucosa at the esophagogastric junction, could the use of monoclonal antibodies allow for previsions of further development of specialized epithelium?
L.H. Griffel, P.S. Amenta, K.M. Das  

Can histologic demonstration of sulphomucins in columnar cells in and around the gastroesophageal junction help in detecting short segment Barrett's mucosa?
S.J. Spechler  

Can the prevalence of short segment Barrett's esophagus be accurately evaluated?
P. Sharma  

Should long and short segment Barrett's esophagus be differentiated by the length of intestinal metaplasia rather than of glandular mucosa?
P. Chandrasoma  

Is there a difference in exposure time to duodeno-gastroesophageal reflux in patients with short or long segments of intestinal metaplasia?
K.R. DeVault  

Barrett's esophagus is a family of metaplasias: are there genetic markers that correlate with different cell types in Barrett's metaplasia?
H.D. Appelman  

Publication date: August 2003 OESO©2015