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Volume: Barrett's Esophagus
Chapter: Dysplasia

Low-grade dysplasia

Extrapolating from an ex vivo model of Barrett's esophagus, is it possible to define a cell population with potential high risk for dysplasia?
R.C. Fitzgerald, R. Lascar, B.S. Kaur, G. Triadafilopoulos  

Are there specific cytometric features, such as cell and/or nuclear size and shape, that correlate with different grades of dysplasia?
J.W. van Sandick, J.P.A. Baak, W. Polkowski, G.J.A. Offerhaus, H. Obertop, J.J.B. van Lanschot  

Are there specific morphometric features, particularly architectural, that correlate with different grades of dysplasia?
H.D. Appelman  

What is the best marker of potential dysplastic changes in Barrett's epithelium?
J.R. Lee  

Without a standardized sampling technique, can the average time required for dysplastic epithelium to develop on Barrett's epithelium be determined and for dysplastic cells to become invasive?
G.N.J. Tytgat  

What is the long-term significance of low-grade dysplasia?
J.E. Richter  

What is the value of the sucrase-isomaltase expression in detecting dysplastic changes in Barrett's esophagus?
P. Chaves, J. Soares  

Can the compared effect of acid-suppression and antireflux therapy on dysplasia be evaluated?
S.R. DeMeester  

High-grade dysplasia

How frequently can high-grade dysplasia be found in normal subjects?
A.P. Weston  

What are the elements of an endoscopic biopsy protocol that would minimize sampling errors?
A.P. Weston  

Are there data indicating that brush cytology is a valuable aid in the detection of high-grade dysplasia that is missed on biopsy?
H.H. Wang  

Should cytology-based clinical decisions always be complemented by correlative results from biopsies?
H.H. Wang  

Do the newest laser induced fluorescence techniques allow for a quick screening of the entire Barrett mucosa? What is the cost of such equipment?
G.N.J. Tytgat  

In patients with high-grade dysplasia, can endosonography differentiate between benign and malignant wall thickening?
G.W. Falk  

What is the value of image-cytometry in detecting ploidy changes in Barrett's mucosa and in correlating aneuploidy with malignant changes?
K. Geboes  

What can be expected from three-dimensional reconstruction of endosonographic images?
R. Fried  

Does high-grade dysplasia always lead to invasive adenocarcinoma?
S.R. Hamilton  

Is there a role for cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors in the prevention of Barrett'sassociated adenocarcinomas?
R.F. Souza  

Is the concentration of reactive oxygen species produced in Barrett's mucosa a contributor to malignant transformation?
A. Farhadi, J.Z. Fields, A. Keshavarzian  

What is the prevalence of undetected carcinoma in resection specimens for highgrade dysplasia?
R. Romagnoli, C. Gutschow, J.-M. Collard  

Should photodynamic therapy be considered as the preferred treatment for highgrade dysplasia?
H. Barr  

What dosage of photosensitizer and wave-length is advisable?
B.F. Overholt  

Does surgical mucosectomy plus antireflux surgery represent a good strategy?
T. Kawano, M. Endo  

Should thoracoscopically assisted esophagectomy, without extended lymph node clearance, be indicated in resection for high-grade dysplasia?
R. Romagnoli, C. Gutschow, J.-M. Collard  

Can a selective approach to the management of high-grade dysplasia be summarized? The role of the patient and the physician
S.J. Sontag  

Is immediate esophagectomy a cost-effective strategy for Barrett's patients with high-grade dysplasia?
D. Provenzale  

Publication date: August 2003 OESO©2015