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Volume: Barrett's Esophagus
Chapter: Screening and surveillance

Screening and surveillance

After endoscopic therapy, how to evaluate the potential risk of dysplastic and neoplastic changes in columnar epithelium remaining beneath regenerated squamous mucosa?
H.S. Garewal  

Can surveillance intervals be defined?
D. Lieberman  

Should patients with purely histologic metaplasia be on a surveillance program?
A.J Cameron  

Are methylene blue-directed biopsies a cost-effective method for surveillance of Barrett’s atients?
M.I.F. Canto  

What information can the computer cohort simulation of Barrett’s patients contribute to cost-effectiveness analysis of cancer risk?
D. Provenzale  

Can rostaglandin E2 be considered as involved in degeneration of Barrett’s and colonic mucosa?
G. Morgan  

Should Barrett atients undergo colorectal screening?
J. Lagergren  

Do the current data support that an endoscopic-biopsy surveillance program prevents or does not prevent cancer in Barrett’s mucosa?
H.D. Appelman  

What is the cost-effectiveness of long-term surveillance of Barrett’s patients after antireflux surgery?
S.R. DeMeester  


What factors can redict progression and regression of Barrett’s esophagus?
A.P. Weston  

What are the roblems related to interpretation of “regression”?
R.E. Sampliner  

What is the average length of follow-up necessary to document regression of Barrett’s esophagus?
I.G. Martin  

Is regression of short segments Barret's esophagus likely to occur under treatment?
R.K.H. Wong  

Can complete regression of Barrett’s mucosa and dysplasia occur under long-term treatment with roton pump inhibitors?
F.T.M. Peters, E.J. Kuipers, E.C. Klinkenberg-Knol  

What are the compared rates of regression observed after surgical or prolonged maintenance therapy?
M. France, R. Ackroyd, D.I. Watson  

What is the rate of squamous re-epithelialization in Barrett’s esophagus following endoscopic mucosal resection?
M. Endo  

How should development of squamous islands on Barrett’s mucosa be interpreted?
S. Gore  

What is the significance of persisting salivary epidermal growth factor output impairment in Barrett’s patients with endoscopically healed mucosa?
C. Poplawski, M. Marcinkiewicz, T. Zbroch, J. Sarosiek  

Is there evidence that Barrett’s mucosa regresses spontaneously?
N.A Shepherd  

Publication date: August 2003 OESO©2015