Primary Motility  Disorders of the  Esophagus
 The Esophageal
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Volume: Barrett's Esophagus
Chapter: Adenocarcinomas


Is the diagnosis of adenocarcinoma in Barrett mucosa the same worldwide?
M. Vieth, M. Stolte  

What is the acceptable definition of cardiac carcinoma?
H.D. Appelman  

What are the histologic criteria for the diagnosis of incipient invasion in Barrett’s mucosa with high-grade dysplasia?
H.D. Appelman  

What are the epidemiologic similarities and differences between carcinomas arising in Barrett’s mucosa and in the gastric cardia?
L. Bernstein  Full article 
J. Lagergren  Full article 

In experimental esophageal cancer development, what is the relationship between the type of neoplastic epithelium and the type of reflux material?
C.D. Morris, S.E.A. Attwood  

What is the relationship between symptomatic reflux and adenocarcinoma?
J. Lagergren  

What is the annual incidence of adenocarcinoma in patients with endoscopically evident Barrett’s esophagus?
S.J. Spechler  

Can the rate of degeneration of short segment Barrett’s esophagus be evaluated?
P. Sharma  

What is the expectable rate of Barrett’s adenocarcinoma arising after incomplete resection of the Barrett’s epithelium?
M. Pera  

Can we thwarth death or the development of adenocarcinoma in Barrett’s patients?
S.J. Sontag  

Can a possible iatrogenic role of widespread proton pump inhibitor usage in the etiology of gastric cardia and esophageal adenocarcinoma be envisaged?
A.C. Svoboda  

Are the data obtained from ambulatory 24-hour fiberoptic monitoring of bilirubin reliable enough to support the role of bile reflux in degeneration of Barrett’s mucosa?
W.K.H. Kauer, H.J. Stein, J.R. Siewert  

What is the role of bacterial overgrowth in the rising incidence of adenocarcinoma?
C.D. Morris, S.E.A. Attwood  

What is the role of cellular proliferation and apoptosis?
C.D. Morris, S.E.A. Attwood  

May carcinogenic rocess be induced by diet particularities?
S.A. Wajed, C.G. Bremner  

How can the continuous rise in rates of adenocarcinoma at the gastric cardia be explained?
S.J. Spechler  Full article 
J. Lagergren  Full article 

In the delineation framework of a preventive strategy, should screening endoscopy be indicated in all patients with gastroesophageal reflux symptoms?
J. Lagergren  

What is the accuracy of endosonographic staging of adenocarcinomas of the esophagus and esophagogastric junction?
I. Waxman  

Endoscopic ultrasonography using Sonoprobe for early esophageal carcinoma
T. Kawano, M. Ohshima, T Iwai  

For the most accurate diagnosis of superficial carcinomas, what is the compared value of ultrasound miniprobe and of the radial scanning echo-endoscope?
N. Marcon  

What are the results of photodynamic therapy in early esophageal adenocarcinoma?
J. Spénard  

What is the compared value of the various techniques of endoscopic mucosal resection for superficial lesions?
W. Mayoral, C. Tombazzi, G.Marino, T.L.Tio  

In early adenocarcinomas, are endoscopic ultrasonography findings of value for the indications of endoscopic mucosal resection?
H. Inoue, K. Nagai, T. Kawano, T. Iwai, M. Endo  Full article 
P. Spinelli  Full article 

Is lymphadenectomy necessary for intramucosal carcinoma?
S.R. DeMeester  

What is the clinical impact of micrometastases in esophageal adenocarcinoma?
G.C. O’Sullivan, D. Maguire, J.K. Collins, F. Shanahan  

What long-term results can be expected from laser ablation in adenocarcinomas?
P. Sharma  

In Barrett’s carcinoma, is incipient invasion of the lamina propria the minimal criteria for erforming lymph node clearance?
J.A. Hagen  

What is the rate of nodal invasion in small primary lesions?
A.H. Hölscher, W. Schröder  

Can unnecessary surgery be avoided by endoscopic ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration?
M. Giovannini  

What are the means of esophagogastric resection and reconstruction for Barrett’s adenocarcinoma?
R. Romagnoli, C. Gutschow, J.-M. Collard  

What is the most efficient current multimodality therapy to be applied?
T.N Walsh  

Following resection, can DNA ploidy be considered as a prognostic factor?
B.P.L. Wijnhoven, H.W. Tilanus  

What is the compared value of tumor stage and lymph node invasion in cancers of the cardia?
H. Udagawa, Y. Kinoshita, M. Ueno, K. Tsutsumi, T. Nakamura, T. Iidsuka, H. Akiyama  

What information can be expected from immunohistochemistry in the evaluation of late survival of patients with esophageal adenocarcinoma?
B.P.L. Wijnhoven, H.W. Tilanus  

Should Barrett’s esophagus be treated at all?
S.J. Sontag