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Volume: Barrett's Esophagus
Chapter: Markers

What information exists as to biomarkers in short segment Barrett's esophagus?

H.S. Garewal (Tucson)

Short segment Barrett's esophagus (SSBE) is defined as the presence of specialized columnar epithelium of length less than 2-3 centimeters. It is a frequent finding whose significance remains unclear. At present, there are few studies using biomarkers in SSBE. At our center, we have examined p53 immunohistochemistry. Out of 59 patients, 49 had no dysplasia and all 49 were negative for p53 staining. Of the 10 with low-grade dysplasia, two were positive. Interestingly, of the two positive cases, the one with the greatest intensity had findings of high-grade dysplasia, present either at other sites in the Barrett's esophagus or noted on subsequent endoscopies. Obviously, these numbers are too small to make any firm conclusions, but the p53 finding, although anecdotal, is quite intriguing. Therefore, much more work needs to be done in SSBE in trying to evaluate the risk of cancer. Furthermore, biomarker studies might be helpful in delineating whether the intestinal metaplasia originated in the esophagus or in the gastric cardia.

Publication date: August 2003 OESO©2015