of the OESO Centers of Excellence

in Esophagology



Specialists from all disciplines represented in OESO have each contributed

to build this distinctive Organization, which has gradually gained a reputation

of excellence in the international scientific community.




With the incorporation of my Center into the global network of Pilot Centers of

the OESO Platform, created in cooperation with Stanford University,


I agreed to join this innovative structure dedicated to patient care in Esophagology.


I wanted to make it benefit from the reputation of my Center and to participate,

in the interest of patients, in the multidisciplinary expansion of Esophagology.


As an expert in my field, I will help to maintain its scientific credibility and reputation for excellence.


Together with the specialists of my Center, I shall strive to broaden the reach of its achievements amongst the national and international scientific bodies to which I belong.


In general terms, as a member of the OESO – SEMPIRE network,

I consider myself as vested with the responsibility to represent a part

of what this multi-disciplinary Platform signifies, and to contribute

to maintain its scientific credibility and its reputation of Excellence.





Multidisciplinary Platform of Esophagology


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