Lee L. Swanström (USA-France)

Jie He (China)

Michio Hongo (Japan)


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Session 15 Clinical Session 1


Sunday, September 3
2:00 – 3:00 pm

Room 15



Early esophageal cancers: surgery vs endoscopic resection


Chairs: Stefan P. Mönig (Switzerland) – Peter Bauerfeind (Switzerland)

Discussant: Jürgen Höchberger (Germany)


  • Molecular diagnosis of esophageal cancer on cytology. Ajay Bansal (USA)
  • Prevalence of lymph node metastasis:

- European view. Stefan P. Mönig (Switzerland)

- Asian view. Wentao Fang (China)

  • Long-term results after endosocpic resection. Peter Bauerfeind (Switzerland)
  • ESD plus chemo-radiotherapy: an option for pT1b cancer? Thomas Zilli (Switzerland)
  • When do we need surgery and which approach? Jens Höppner (Germany)







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