Lee L. Swanström (USA-France)

Jie He (China)

Michio Hongo (Japan)


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Session 17


Sunday, September 3
4:30 – 6:30 pm

Room 2



Chemotherapy and Chemo-Radiotherapy in curative treatment of esophageal cancer

Future directions – Debates


Chairs: Arnaud Roth (Switzerland) – Salah-Eddin Al-Batran (Germany)

Panel: William Allum (UK) – Mark J. Krasna (USA) – Thomas Ruhstaller (Switzerland)
Vikash Sewram (South Africa) – Fredrik Klevebro (Sweden)



  • New techniques of radiotherapy. Alessia Pica (Switzerland)  
    IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy) – 3D conformal radiotherapy – Brachytherapy


  • Chemotherapy alone + Surgery. Salah Al Batran (Germany)


Chemo-Radiotherapy before surgery. Peter C. Wu (USA)


  • Conservative curative treatment of locally advanced esophageal cancer. Philippe Nafteux (Belgium)
  • Trimodality therapy in esophageal cancer. Mark J. Krasna (USA)
  • Is surgery needed in patients with complete response after Radio-Chemotherapy?
    Marc Schiesser (Switzerland)

  • The French / Swiss study protocol. Thomas Ruhstaller (Switzerland)


  • Minimally invasive surgery following Radio-Chemotherapy. Fredrik Klevebro (Sweden)
  • Salvage surgery, a new concept. Luigi Bonavina (Italy)





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