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Session 19


Sunday, September 3
4:30 – 6:30 pm

Room 4



Prediction of cancer development and progression


Chairs: Daniela Kandioler (Austria) – Wayne A. Phillips (Australia)

Discussant: Sheila K. Krishnadath (Netherlands)


  • Molecular targets for the treatment of Barretts esophagus. Sheila K. Krishnadath (Netherlands)
  • Molecular response prediction in adenoma at EG junction. Patrick Plum (Germany)
  • Application of prognostic and predictive markers in clinical trials – The biometric point of view.
    Martina Mittlböck (Austria)
  • Radiological response prediction in neaodjuvant treated esophageal cancer. Peter C. Wu (Austria)
  • Pathological response assessment in neoadjuvant treated esophageal cancer: current views.
    Maria Westerhoff (USA)
  • Assessing the clinical relevance of a molecular marker. Tamara Braunschmied (Austria)


  • The PANCHO trial: a predictive marker in a prospective randomized trial.
    What have we learned  so far? Daniela Kandioler (Austria)








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