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Session 21 Clinical Session 3


Sunday, September 3
4:20 – 5:20 pm

Room 15



Surgical robotics for esophageal disease 


Chairs: Philippe Morel (Switzerland) – Richard Van Hillegersberg (Netherlands)

Discussants: Bipan Chand (USA) – Monika Hagen (Switzerland)


  • Robotic esophagectomy and lymphadenectomy in esophageal cancer. Rubens A. Sallum (Brazil)
  • What is the benefit of Robotic surgery in high upper esophageal tumors and T4b disease?
    Sylvia van der Horst (Netherlands)
  • Which intrathoracic anastonmosis is best in RAMIE? Peter Grimminger (Germany)
  • Is the Robotic laparoscopic approach in Esophageal resection for cancer useful?
    Attila Dubecz (Germany)
  • The use of the 4th arm in the thoracic phase of  RAMIE: advantages of the dexterity?
    Jan Hendrik Egberts (Germany)
  • Is there an advantage of RAMIE over MIO in esophageal surgery? Marc van Det (Netherlands)
  • What is the value of Fire Fly technique in the fluorescence detection of vascularization of the gastric conduit? David Rice (USA)
  • Initial TransEnterix robotic experience with responsible economics. Wouter Donders (Netherlands)








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