Lee L. Swanström (USA-France)

Jie He (China)

Michio Hongo (Japan)


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Session 41


Monday, September 4
4:15 – 6:15 pm

Room 2



Endoscopic treatments – Stenting


Chairs: George Triadafilopoulos (USA) – Kulwinder Dua (USA)

Discussants:  Ingo F. Herrmann (Germany)


  • Deep throat: What are the current techniques and outcomes of endoscopic management of Zenker’s diverticulum?
    Ingo F. Herrmann (Germany)                                                             
    Address the indications, techniques and outcomes of endoscopic management for Zenker’s.
  • Up in the air: Is balloon dilation still useful in the treatment of achalasia? Joel E. Richter (USA)
    Is balloon dilation better or worse than Heller or POEM? Should it be used only for failures?    
  • On the cutting edge: Is ESD the procedure of choice in esophageal dysplasia? Roger P. Tatum (USA)
    Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of ESD in this setting and address if ablation is preferable.      
  • Freezing temperatures: Is cryoballoon ablation safe and effective for squamous dysplasia? Marcia Canto (USA)
    Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of cryo-balloon in this setting and address if cryo-ablation is preferable to resection.
  • A new standard: What are the long-term outcomes of radiofrequency ablation for dysplastic Barrett’s esophagus?Patrick S. Yachimski (USA)
    Address the long-term efficacy of RFA for Barrett’s dysplasia and the need for ongoing surveillance.
  • Cut throat: Can endoscopic resection for Barrett’s dysplasia and early cancer be curative?
    George Triadafilopoulos (USA)
    Discuss the long-term outcomes for mucosal resection for dysplasia and early cancer and compare them to esophagectomy.
  • Controlling the tides: How effective is transoral fundoplication for volume acid reflux?
    Pier Alberto Testoni (Italy)
    Specifically discuss the role of TF in the management of regurgitation as a distinct endpoint.
  • Stretta to the rescue: Is radiofrequency treatment useful in the management of the postoperative bariatric patient with GERD? Hiroshi Mashimo (USA)
    Address the role of Stretta in the bariatric patient with GERD, if any.
  • Cut it out: How promising is anti-reflux mucosectomy for GERD? Vivien Wong (China)
  • Technique, safety and outcomes of this new endoscopic method for GERD.
  • Music to our ears: How safe and effective is MUSE endoscopic anterior fundoplication?
    Johannes Zacherl (Austria)                                                             
    Update on this endoscopic modality and long-term data in GERD.        
  • Buying time: What is the efficacy of stenting for benign esophageal strictures? Kulwinder S. Dua (USA) 
    Discuss the technicalities and potential of temporary stenting in benign esophageal disease.
  • To stent or not to stent: What are the choices for endoscopic palliation of malignant esophageal strictures?
    Russell E. White (Kenya)                                                                                                                                           
    What non-stent options do we have in the palliation of esophageal cancer? How do they compare to stents?
  • Scary tears: When and how should we dilate the esophagus in EoE? Joel E. Richter (USA)  
    Technicalities and outcomes of dilation for EoE.
  • Combining forces: When is dual (or triple) therapy preferred in Barrett’s dysplasia? Marmy Shah (USA)
    Ablation? Resection? +/- PPI? +/- fundoplication? +/- cryotherapy?   
  • Poetry in action: What are the strengths and weaknesses of POEM for achalasia?
    Lee L. Swanström (USA-France)
    Technicalities on POEM and update on its outcomes.                                                                                                                                                                                                      






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