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Michio Hongo (Japan)


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Dear Industry colleagues:


On behalf of my distinguished congress co- Presidents, Professor Je He and Professor Michio Hungo,

I would like to welcome you to the upcoming 2017 OESO biennial meeting in lovely Geneva – the center of Europe.


As you are aware, OESO is unique in the world not only in its focus on a single organ – the esophagus, but also because of its multidisciplinary nature – covering all aspects of esophageal medicine: diagnostics, pathology, surgery, endoscopy, medical, etc. – 19 specialties in total.


The meeting format is unique as well, comprising as it does a multitude of very specific questions, arranged in fora that bring together disciplines that typically work independently.


This is a meeting that needs the involvement of the medical industry and one that any company that deals in any aspect of digestive diseases, should be present at.
This is a single event that permits your company to interact with all the world’s experts
on the topic and to join in the discussions that will truly affect the future of esophageal treatment.


We are expecting  around 1,000 attendees at the congress in 2017, due to the quality of the program, the growing importance of the medical issues around the esophagus (the rapidly rising incidence of esophageal cancer, swallowing disorders and reflux disease, the explosion of genomic and informatics approaches to disease, etc).


The meeting is constructed in order to maximize the contact between industry and faculty and attendees, and indeed, many attend the OESO meeting because it is the place to come to explore what is new in the commercial world of esophageal care. This year as well, in order to make your support easier, we have instituted a “levels giving” program, that packages all opportunities to participate and maximize your exposure to the OESO attendees.


We personally look forward to welcoming you as participants in the congress and thoroughly appreciate your support of OESO.



Warm regards,





Lee Swanstrom                       Jie He                       Michio Hongo



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