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Session 2


Tuesday, September 1
8:00 – 10:00 am

Room: Van Dongen



From Theoretical Model to Clinical Practice (Part 1)

Chair: James G. Brasseur (USA)

Discussant: Peter Hunter (New Zealand)


Mechano-Physiology of the Gastro-Intestinal Tract

The aim of this symposium is to demonstrate the importance of the interaction between neurophysiological signaling between the various muscle groups of the esophageal body and sphincters, the mechanical responses of these muscle groups by changes in muscle tension, the resulting deformation changes that force the liquid bolus within the upper GI tract, the functional consequences of the above, and the clinical applications of deeper levels of understanding of the interactions between mechanics and neurophysiology in diagnostics and therapeutics surrounding treatments of functional disorders and esophageal disease. A second theme is the potential value of mathematical modeling and computer simulation to enhance knowledge and to integrate with evaluation techniques such as high-resolution manometry, impedance and imaging.


  • Mechano-physiology: Integrations of Mechanical Principles, Neuro-physiology of Muscle Response, and Modeling in the Analysis of Esophageal Function. James G. Brasseur (USA)  read more+
  • Neurogenic Propulsive Mechanics. Jack Wood (USA)  read more+
  • Anatomy, Physiology, Neurophysiology and Mechanical Response of the Muscles of the Esophagus and Proximal Stomach. Larry S. Miller (USA) read more+
  • The Potential Role of Intraluminal Impedance Measurement in Deducing Esophageal Fluid Motions.
    Taher Omari (Australia)  read more+
  • Normal and Abnormal Variation in Swallowing Patterns: Clinical Utility and their Potential Role as Phenotypes. Rohan B. Williams (Republic of Singapore)  read more+

    (Part 2, continues to Session 7)

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