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Session 6


Tuesday, September 1
10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Room: Camille Blanc 

New paradigms of Information, Communication
and Learning in Medicine


Peter Pokieser (Austria) – Martin R. Fischer (Germany)


Clinical medicine meets Psychology and Sociology   

  • What are the new paradigms of information, communcation and learning in Medicine?
    Peter Pokieser (Austria)
  • What is the specific contribution of OESO to the medical community? Peter Pokieser (Austria)
  • The OESO method of interdisciplinary questions and answers: a model for education?
    Christoph Schuhmacher (Germany)


  • Steady growth of the www medical social space: how is E-Learning in Eurasia? Mansoor Fatehi (Iran)
  • Steady growth of the www medical social space: how is E-Learning in Asia? Peter Pokieser (Austria)
  • UNESCO Chair for distant learning: how is E-Learning in Africa? Antoine Geissbuhler (Switzerland)


  • Modern medical education: local art or global trend? Martin R. Fischer (Germany)
  • Psychology: do we improve in our patient relations? Michaela Wagner Menghin (Austria)
  • E-Health and E-Learning: is there any relation between telemedicine and teleeducation?
    Vivian DeRuijter (Netherlands)


  • Social media: successful tools for individuals and business, how is about institutional medicine?
    Alexander Sachs (Austria)
  • Massive open online courses and webinars: a temporary fashion or powerful development?
    Alexander Sachs (Austria)
  • Semantic search for medical information: do we expect a boost of information quality?
    Elmar Kotter (Germany)


  • Theranostics: do they have an impact on esophagology? Osman Ratib (Switzerland)
  • What is the role of radiology for E-Health? Emanuele Neri (Italy)
  • Digital pathology: too much data for E-Health? Wolfgang Pokieser (Austria)


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