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Session 7


Tuesday, September 1
10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Room: Van Dongen

From Theoretical Model to Clinical Practice

(Part 2, continued from Session 2)


Chair: James G. Brasseur (USA)

Discussant: Peter Hunter (New Zealand)


Mechano-Physiology of the gastro-intestinal tract (Cont.)


  • The Esophagiome Concept with Special Focus on Tissue Remodeling and What Drives Remodeling.
    Hans Gregersen (Denmark-China) read more+
  • Esophageal Function and Structure from Distension – Adding to the Knowledge Base.
    Barry P. McMahon (Ireland) read more+
  • Biomechanical Properties, Tissue remodeling, Constitutive Modeling and Finite Element Modeling of Esophageal Function and Dysfunction.
    Jingbo Zhao & Donghua Liao (Denmark)  read more+

Part 1, Jingbo Zhao (Denmark)

  • Biomechanical properties, tissue remodeling, constitutive modeling and finite element modeling of esophageal function and dysfunction.
  • Esophageal remodeling induced by growing, aging, and diseases in animal studies
  • Esophageal remodeling in relation to age, systemic sclerosis, diabetes, reflux and inflammation in human studies
  • Esophageal smooth muscle function evaluation using length-tension (stress-strain) and loop curves
  • MR tractography of esophageal structures

Part 2, Donghua Liao (Denmark)

  • Constitutive modeling of the esophagus
  • Medical image based geometrical modeling of the esophagus
  • Towards "Virtual Esophagus" through finite element modeling
  • Accurate in vivo measurement of luminal muscle stiffness for clinical application and the role of flaccid sphincteric muscle in chronic reflux. James G. Brasseur (USA)  read more+




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