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Session 10


Tuesday, September 1
10:30  am – 12:30 pm

Room: Poulenc     

Advances in the systemic therapy

of advanced esophageal cancer


Chairs: Michael K. Gibson (USA) – Vikash Sewram (South Africa)

Discussant: Kulwinder S. Dua (USA)


Current Status of Systemic Chemotherapy for Esophageal Cancer.

  • Is optimal therapy 2 or 3 chemotherapy agents? David H. Ilson (USA)
  • What is the role of Irinotecan in fi rst and second line therapy? Michael K. Gibson (USA)
  • Is immunotherapy a viable maintenance strategy for metastatic disease? David H. Ilson (USA)
  • Are immunotherapy agents ready for large scale randomized trials? Michael K. Gibson (USA)
  • The role of BMP4 and growth factors in chemo-resistance of esophageal cancers.
    Silvia Calpe (Netherlands)
  • Does multi-modality therapy improve survival in cT2 esophageal carcinoma? Erwin Rieder (Austria)

Targeted agents and genomic profi ling in advanced esophageal cancer.

  • Personalized and targeted therapy of esophageal squamous cell cancer? Xiao (Luke) Chen (USA)
  • Is there a role for genomic profi ling of esophageal and GE junction cancer? Michael K. Gibson (USA)
  • How does genomic profi ling correlate with tumor location and histologic subtype?
    Iqbal Parker (South Africa)
  • What is the status of HER2 targeted drug therapy in gastro-esophageal cancer?
    Vikash Sewram (South Africa)
  • What is the future of anti angiogenic therapy in esophageal cancer? David H. Ilson (USA)
  • Are liquid biopsies the future in esophageal cancer? Daniela Kandioler (Austria)

Palliation of dysphagia: chemotherapy, stenting, or radiotherapy?

  • What is the role of chemotherapy in dysphagia palliation? David H. Ilson (USA)
  • What is the role of radiotherapy in dysphagia palliation? Michael K. Gibson (USA)
  • What is the role of stenting in dysphagia palliation? Kulwinder S. Dua (USA)

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