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Session 16


Tuesday, September 1
4:30 – 6:30 pm

Room: Camille Blanc      


The Great Exchange

Financing Research & Education


On this occasion, world leading clinicians and researchers, reflecting the original multi-disciplinarity of OESO, will meet representatives from the Industry. This exchange will enable the companies to interact directly with thought leaders, and to present their perspectives on a variety of relevant topics relating to research in their field.


Chairs: Alain Bernard (France) – George Triadafilopoulos (USA) – You-Lin Qiao (China)
Denis Collet (France) – Hans Gregersen (Denmark, China) – Sacha Loiseau (France)
– Jean Nehme (UK) – David Nocca (France) – Patrick Rampal (Monaco) – Gilles Pagès (Monaco)
– Lee L.
Swanström (USA-France) – Frank Zerbib (France) – David Znaty (France)

  •  At a distance (Wharton Business School in Philadelphia): John Kimberly (USA)
  • Key Note: José Maria Fernández Rodríguez (Spain)

Industry Panel: Boston Scientific – Covidien – Crospon – Mauna Kea – Mederi – Olympus – Sandhill



The topics, to be discussed in an informal manner between the fi rms and the panel, could deal with various domains, such as: Autonomy of Universities – Academic research – Private research – Bio-medical innovation
– Medtech and startups – Funding, Structuring, and Investor perspectives – Conflicts of interest.


Such an interactive exchange among the Industry, the panel above, and the audience made up of practitioners and young investigators, will by no means represent a competition between fi rms but, in the contrary, an opportunity to go further in the evaluation of the problems encountered in these various domains.


  • After the congress, a document will be written by the panel, sent to the fi rms for approval, and made widely accessible on the IT media.




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