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Session 21


Wednesday, September 2
10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Room: Camille Blanc      

Form and function or function and form

Remodeling of form and function of the esophagus in health and disease.


Richard W. McCallum (USA) – Jerzy Sarosiek (USA)


  • Does structure and function go hand-in-hand during growth and aging? Liao Donghua (Denmark)
  • Can esophageal distension be measured from intraluminal impedance measurements?
    Valmik Bhargava (USA)
  • How come that reflux disease is more common in elderly? Richard W. McCallum (USA)
  • Diabetes induces profound changes in stomach and intestines but does diabetes also affect the esophagus? Jingbo Zhao (Denmark)
  • What leads to remodeling changes in esophageal muscle stiffness and thickness and how do these changes impact circular and longitudinal muscle function in esophageal peristalsis?
    James G. Brasseur (USA)
  • Are the any changes in form and function of the esophagus in functional chest pain or functional heartburn? Christian Lottrup (Denmark)
  • Do endoscopic therapies and surgical intervention remodel the structure and function of the remaining esophagus. Barry P. McMahon (Ireland)
  • What structural and functional remodeling take place in achalasia? Larry S. Miller (USA)
  • What structural and functional remodeling take place  in systemic sclerosis? Hans Gregersen (Denmark)      
  • Does the healing of structural changes within the esophageal mucosa in patients with reflux esophagitis (RE) improve:

a. the secretory function of the esophageal submucosal mucous glands?
b. the secretory function of salivary glands driven by esophago-salivary reflex?
Jerzy Sarosiek (USA)




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