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Session 23


Wednesday, September 2
2:00 – 4:00 pm

Room: Genevoix        

Interactions heart-esophagus

Friends or foes?

Stephen J. Sontag (USA) – Richard W. McCallum (USA)

Discussant: Ram Dickman (Israel)



  • Is there sound evidence to suggest that the esophagus IS a factor in NCCP? C. Prakash Gyawali (USA)
  • Is there sound evidence to suggest that the esophagus is NOT a factor in NCCP?
    Stephen J. Sontag (USA)
  • What is the potential course of a patient with cardiac chest pain that is misdiagnosed as NCCP?
    Richard W. McCallum (USA)
  • How do you manage a patient with severe NCCP unresponsive to every conceivable therapy?
    Ellen Stein (USA)
  • What is the long-term natural history of 100 patients with unequivocal NCCP?
    Richard W. McCallum (USA)
  • Are there unconventional theories that might explain the entity known as NCCP? Larry S. Miller (USA)
  • The long-term outcome of a VA population with angiogram-negative NCCP referred for EGD.
    Stephen J. Sontag (USA)


Discussant – with critique of the presentations. Ram Dickman (Israel)

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