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Session 31


Thursday, September 3
8:00 – 10:00 am

Room: Camille Blanc

Allergies on the run

Eosinophilic Esophagitis


Mirna Chehade (USA) – Fouad Moawad (USA)

Discussant: Samuel Nurko (USA)


  • Is it possible to miss EoE on biopsy? If so why does this happen? Hala El-Zimaity (Canada)
  • Are there any histopathologic features in EoE that can distinguish it from GERD?
    Heather Dawson (Switzerland)
  • What is the pathophysiology of PPI- responsivity? Roberto Penagini (Italy)
  • Is it possible to predict PPI-REE from steroid responsive EoE? Sahar Al-Haddad (Canada)
  • Is EoE the same disease or different between children and adults? Mirna Chehade (USA)
  • What causes the endoscopic rings and furrows in EoE from a pathologist’s viewpoint?
    Andrew M. Bellizzi (USA)
  • What causes esophageal remodeling from an endoscopist’s viewpoint? Alain Schoepfer (Switzerland)
  • What causes dysphagia in EoE? Edaire Cheng (USA)
  • How do you measure EoE activity? Eketerina Safroneeva (Switzerland)
  • What causes lamina propria fibrosis in EoE? Maha Guindi (USA)
  • What treatment endpoints should be used in EoE? Alain Schoepfer (Switzerland)
  • How effective is dietary treatment in EoE? Mirna Chehade (USA)
  • How effective are topical steroids in EoE? Fouad J. Moawad (USA)
  • When is the role of dilation in EoE? Fouad J. Moawad (Washington)
  • What are the emerging treatment options in EoE? Edaire Cheng (USA)

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