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Session 33


Thursday, September 3
8:00 – 10:00 am

Room: Genevoix    

Airway reflux


Nikki Johnston (USA) – Kenneth W. Altman (USA)

Discussant: Jacquie E. Allen (New Zealand)


  • What are the clinical implications of pepsin in airway reflux – biomarker and/or mediator?
    Nikki Johnston (USA)
  • Should we and can we specially target pepsin in the treatment of airway reflux? Nikki Johnston (USA)
  • What is the clinical relevance of laryngoscopy and regional agent delivery techniques on mice and hamsters for inflammation and carcinogenesis? Frank G. Ondrey (USA)
  • How can rodent models be used to investigate laryngeal carcinogenesis? Frank G. Ondrey (USA)
  • What is the role of reflux biomarkers in predicting clinical outcomes in children? Rachel Rosen (USA)
  • Can we model airway inflammation in vitro to gain insight regarding mechanisms of extra-esophageal reflux disease? Bryan P. Hurley (USA)
  • Is there a laryngeal seromucinous gland response to acidotic environments? Kenneth W. Altman (USA)
  • What is the consequence of biliary reflux in the larynx? Kenneth W. Altman (USA)
  • What is the role of reflux/aspiration in chronic cough? Jacquie E. Allen (New Zealand)
  • What is the evidence for reflux in chronic sinusitis? John M. DelGaudio (USA)
  • What is the evidence for reflux causing postnasal drip? John M. DelGaudio (USA)
  • Is magnetic sphincter augmentation an effective therapy for laryngopharyngeal reflux?
    Jon C. Gould MD (USA)

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