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Session 35


Thursday, September 3

8:00 – 10:00 am

Room: Poulenc    

Young Investigators Special Session

Evolving concepts and techniques in the management of esophageal diseases

Junichi Akiyama (Japan)

Discussant: Ellen Stein (USA)




Endoscopy and other modalities

  • Application of disposable ultrathin endoscopy to the esophagus and gastrointestinal system.
    Myong Ki Baeg (Korea)
  • Should PET be performed routinely or selectively for initial staging of esophageal cancer?
    Farhood Farjah (USA)

Esophageal function testing

  • Differences of manometric values among several high resolution manometry systems.
    Shiko Kuribayashi (Japan)
  • Is the determination of esophagogastric junction vigor by high resolution manometry a useful metric in the management of GERD patients? Salvatore Tolone (Italy)
  • Ineffective esophageal peristalsis in patients with and without abnormal esophageal acid exposure.                                                                                                  Katerina P. Shetler (USA)
  • Provocative esophageal testing in evaluation of symptoms such as dysphagia, spasm and chest pain. What is the best practice to evoke symptoms during routine and prolonged manometry.
    Ellen Stein (USA)
  • Impedance-pH testing: A Real Added Value For Gastroenterologists and Surgeons?
    Edoardo Savarino (Italy)
  • Distensibility testing of the gastrointestinal tract – current and future applications.
    Christian Lottrup (Denmark)


  • The role of proton pump inhibitor therapy during endoscopic ablation therapy for Barrett's esophagus. Junichi Akiyama (Japan)
  • The perspective therapeutic approach in treatment of patients with esophageal motility disorders.
    Elen Valitova (Russia)
  • Results of robot-assisted minimally invasive thoraco-laparoscopic esophagectomy for upper mediastinal esophageal cancer. Sylvia Van der Horst (Netherlands)
  • Is the Utrecht Pneumonia score a valid method for registering pneumonia after esophagectomy?
    Teus Weijs (Netherlands)
  • Is anastomotic leakage after esophagectomy for cancer related to neoadjuvant radiation dose to the gastric fundus? Lucas Goense (Netherlands)
  • Key note: Treatment of early esophageal cancer. Jan Martinek (Czech Republic)

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