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Session 36


Thursday, September 3

10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Room: Camille Blanc  

GERD – NERD – NCCP Revived

Young-Tae Bak (Korea) – Michio Hongo (Japan)

Discussant: Daniel Sifrim (UK)


  • Heartburn perception in GERD: What do we know about it? Ricard Farré (Belgium)
  • Are inflammatory changes at the cardia in Hp negative patients an indication of GERD?             
    Maria Westerhoff (USA)
  • Is it ever worth taking biopsies to rule out GERD in case of negative endoscopy? Rhonda K. Yantiss (USA)
  • Can mucosal impedance discriminate GERD from non-GERD? Michael F. Vaezi (USA)
  • Is measuring esophageal dysmotility important in managing GERD? Edoardo Savarino (Italy)
  • What is the prevalence of functional heartburn in referred patients with suspected?
    Myung-Gyu Choi (Korea)
  • Is salivary pepsin testing acceptable in diagnosis of GERD? Daniel Sifrim (UK)
  • Are motility drugs helpful in managing GERD patients? Joon Seong Lee (Korea)
  • How can we deal with the GERD treatment gap? George Triadafilopoulos (USA)
  • Can we predict outcomes of GERD patients with esophageal pH-impedance monitoring?            
    C. Prakash Gyawali (USA)
  • Is there association between NERD and obstructive sleep apnea? Jung-Hwan Oh (Korea)
  • Is there correlation between GERD and atrial fibrillation? Dong Ho Lee (Korea)
  • Is NCCP a reflux disease or motility disorder? Jan Martinek (Czech Republic)
  • How close should we look at the hypersensitivity in NCCP? Poong-Lyul Rhee (Korea)
  • Erroneous diagnosis of GERD in achalasia: what is retention esophagitis? Hyo jin Park (Korea)                       


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