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Session 39


Thursday, September 3
10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Room: Bosio    

Esophageal Pathology: Pot-pourri


Robert H. Riddell (Canada)

Discussant: Henry D. Appelman (USA)


Esophageal carcinoma

  • Why are pyloric gland adenomas found in Barrett’s esophagus? Are they a source of non-intestinal carcinomas? Rhonda Yantiss (USA)
  • Does the phenotype of esophageal adenocarcinomas, intestinal phenotype vs. others, matter? 
    Dhanpat Jain (USA)
  • What is the recurrence rate for non-dysplastic BE and dysplastic BE post endoscopic resection.
    Does grade matter?
    Henry D. Appelman (USA)
  • What are the mechanisms of recurrence post – endoscopic ablation? Are there any data to support them? Ilke Nalbantoglu (USA)
  • Do buried subsquamous glands pose a risk of metastasis? If so when? Dhanpat Jain (USA) 
  • Does multilayered epithelium ever get mistaken for LGD? If so, why? Robert H. Riddell (Canada)
  • What stimulates the development of pancreatic metaplasia in the cardia or lower esophagus? Is it really a metaplasia or is it a variant of normal? Rupert Langer (Switzerland)
  • Is it possible to separate carcinoma cuniculatum from verrucous carcinomas, especially in biopsies? Does it matter? Monika Tripathi (Canada)
  • Are Merkel cells found in the normal esophagus? If so, are we missing Merkel cell carcinomas and why? Paul E. Swanson (Canada)


Autophagy in esophageal diseases

  • What is autophagy and can we/should we detect it in routine pathology specimens?
    Rupert Langer (Switzerland)
  • What is the role of autophagy in GERD/inflammatory esophageal disease? Cathy S. Streutker (Canada)
  • What role may autophagy play in the interaction pro and anti-apoptotic pathways in esophageal malignancies. Paul E. Swanson (Canada)


Sloughing esophagitis

  • What are the histological criteria for sloughing esophagitis? What are the minimal criteria on which this diagnosis can be made? Henry D. Appelman (USA)
  • What are the causes and endoscopic criteria for sloughing esophagitis? Fouad J. Moawad (USA)
  • How should sloughing esophagitis be reported (assuming the person receiving the report may never have heard of it). Joanna Gibson (USA)


 Lymphocytic esophagitis:

  • What are the known or suspected causes of lymphocytic esophagitis? Xuchen Zhang (USA)
  • Are there criteria for a diagnosis of lymphocytic esophagitis? Which subsets of cells are involved?
    Mikhail Lisovsky (USA)
  • Should lymphocytic esophagitis be reported at all? If so how? Maria Westerfoff (USA)




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