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Session 40


Thursday, September 3

10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Room: Poulenc    

Trends in surgery for esophageal carcinoma

Richard van Hillegersberg (The Netherlands) – Denis Collet (France)

Discussant: Daniela Kandioler (Austria)   


  • How do GEJ tumors differ from esophageal and gastric cancer? Richard van Hillegersberg (The Netherlands)   
  • What is new in TNM 8 for esophageal and GEJ staging? Mark J. Krasna (USA)     
  • How does lymph node staging affect surgical therapy? Daniela Kandioler (Austria)   
  • Sentinel node biopsy during thoracolaparoscopic esophagectomy for advanced esophageal cancer            Judith Boone (Netherlands) 
  • What are the advantages and appropriate indications for the use of colon interposition following esophagectomy? Denis Collet (France)           
  • Newly identified risk factors for anastomotic leakage following esophagectomy.
    Lucas Goense (Netherlands)
  • What are the appropriate indications for stent placement to treat anastomotic leak following esophagectomy? Khean-Lee Goh (Malaysia)
  • Is early feeding after esophagectomy safe? Misha D.P. Luyer (Netherlands) 
  • Surgical endoscopic resection. Jürgen Hochberger (Germany-France)                              
  • Is MRI the optimal staging modality after neoadjuvant treatment? Peter S.N. van Rossum (Netherlands)
  • What is the learning curve of Robot assisted esophagectomy for cancer? Jelle P. Ruurda (Netherlands)
  • How can we centralize esophageal surgery in Europe? Luigi Bonavina (Italy)

Video Presentation: Totally robotic Ivor-Lewis esophagectomy (Film).

Tousif Kabir (Singapore) – Ishara Madhuka (Singapore) – Jaideepraj Rao (Singapore)





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