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Session 41


Thursday, September 3

2:00 – 4:00 pm

Room: Camille Blanc    

Engineering the esophagus

Role of engineers and surgeons


Barry P. McMahon (Ireland) – Lee L. Swanström (USA-France)

Discussant: John O’Dea (Ireland) 

Key note: Peter J. Hunter (New Zealand)   


  • Are Engineers frustrated surgeons?, or are surgeons frustrated engineers? John O’Dea (Ireland)
  • How can the engineer and the clinical work together to better solve the diagnostic and treatment problems in the Esophagus? Larry S. Miller (USA)
  • What is the role of software engineering in esophageal diseases? Vivian DeRuijter (Netherlands)
  • What will 3-D printing contribute to esophageal surgery?
  • What drives the physician inventor? Lee L. Swanström (USA-France)
  • The endoflip story: Engineering for a clinical target? or devices searching for applications?
    John O’Dea (Ireland)
  • Lost in Translation – How do we get Clinicians and Engineers to speak the same language?                                                                                                   Barry P. McMahon (Ireland)
  • What can we learn from engineering models of the esophagus? James G. Brasseur (USA)
  • How do we Visualize Diagnostic Data from the Esophagus to maximum benefit for the Clinician?
    Barry P. McMahon (Ireland)
  • Can Functional knowledge of the UES help in diagnosis and surgical treatment? Julie Regan (Ireland)
  • Does distensibility testing give us new information on how the esophagus is engineered?
    Hans Gregersen (Denmark, China)





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