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Session 42


Thursday, September 3
2:00 – 4:00 pm

Room: Van Dongen       

Between GERD and NERD, weekly acidic reflux    

Frank Zerbib (France) – Daniel Sifrim (UK)           
Michio Hongo (Japan)


  • What are the current definitions of NERD, Functional Heartburn and reflux hypersensitivity?     
    Edoardo Savarino (Italy)
  • Can we distinguish functional heartburn from reflux hypersensitivity and NERD in the clinic?
    Ram Dickman (Israel)
  • Is there any evidence of NERD, functional heartburn and reflux hypersensitivity in children?             Samuel Nurko (USA)
  • Do we need impedance to differentiate different GERD phenotypes? Sutep Gonlachanvit (Thailand)    
  • What is the pathological role of weakly acidic reflux in refractory symptoms?
    Frank Zerbib (France)
  • What is the role of impairment of mucosal integrity in Functional heartburn, NERD and reflux hypersensitivity? Jerzy Sarosiek (USA)
  • What is the role of histopathological changes for exclusion of Functional heartburn?
    Edoardo Savarino (Italy)
  • How important is aerophagia and air/liquid reflux in pathophysiology and treatment of NERD? 
    Daniel Sifrim (UK)
  • Are patients with NERD really responding less well to PPI treatment? Frank Zerbib (France)
  • Is there any efficient medical treatment to reduce weakly acidic reflux? Varocha Mahachai (Thailand)
  • Are we ready to treat weekly acidic reflux with surgery? Roger P. Tatum (USA)
  • Is anti-reflux surgery indicated in NERD, reflux hypersensitivity and functional heartburn?
    C. Prakash Gyawali (USA)

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