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Session 45


Thursday, September 3
2:00 – 4:00 pm

Room: Poulenc     

Achalasia update


Valter N. Felix (Brasil) –  Michael F. Vaezi (USA)

Discussant: Uday C. Ghoshal (India)


  • Achalasia subtypes—what do they mean?
    Sudep Gonlachanvit (Thailand)
  • What is the likely etiology of achalasia—viral, autoimmune or something else?
    Uday C. Ghoshal (India)
  • What is the usefulness of achalasia scores?
  • Drugs for Achalasia: How and When?  
    Carmelo Scarpignato (Italy)
  • Who should have PD and in whom surgery is the better option?
    Roberto Penagini (Italy)
  • Pneumatic dilation of cardia. How to enhance best results? Charlotte Scheerens (Belgium)
  • Botulinum toxin into LES. What is state of art? 
    Michael F. Vaezi (USA)
  • POEM: update and comparison to myotomy.
    Jan Martinek (Czech Republic)
  • How to avoid and how to treat esophageal perforations due to POEM?
    Jürgen Hochberger (Germany-France)
  • Per-oral endoscopic re-myotomy as salvage procedure for recurrent dysphagia after Heller myotomy. Erwin Rieder (Austria)
  • Dysphagia post PD/myotomy—is it recurrence or GERD? Eduardo De Moura (Brazil)
  • Esophagectomy for end-stage achalasia. Is there a place for it yet? When and how?
    Valter N. Felix (Brazil)
  • Should I do surveillance for cancer in achalasia? Luigi Bonavina (Italy)

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