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15th OESO World Conference

BeijingNovember 7-8-9, 2019

Presidents: Jie He (China) John O. Clarke (USA)

Secretaries: You-Sheng Mao (China) – Wen-Qiang Wei (China)




活动主席:赫捷(中国)– John O. Clarke (美国)

大会秘书长:毛友生(中国)- 魏文强(中国)


Following the Platform of Excellence in Esophagology,

launched last April 26 by OESO in cooperation with Stanford University,

  Inter-University Multidisciplinary Platform


OESO announces its 15th World Conference:

It will be held on November 7-8-9, 2019, in Beijing.


Presidents: Jie He (Beijing) – John O. Clarke (Stanford)

Secretaries: You-Sheng Mao (Beijing) – Wen-Qiang Wei (Beijing) – Dan Azagury (Stanford)

Provisional theme:

  • Global perspectives and novel technologies for esophageal diseases

The spectrum of Dysphagia


In cooperation with OESO, 6 major Chinese Societies will lend their contribution

to the program:

  •  National Cancer Center, China
  •  Chinese Society of Endoscopy
  •  Chinese Society of Cancer Epidemiology
  •  Chinese Society of Cancer Etiology
  •  Chinese Society of Esophageal Cancer
  •  Chinese Society of Gastroenterology


The tradition of the OESO congresses will be enriched with a new format

The new OESO Format, one which will keep its original, today renowned method of Questions-Answers to reach an in-depth dissection of a subject.


However, to avoid the dispersion of participants in a large number of rooms

(5, and sometimes 6 during previous congresses) having them to make difficult

choices, the 15th OESO Conference will include the following significant changes:


  • The core program will take place in one, or two rooms.
  • Each session will be limited to one hour, and divided into 2 equal parts of 30 min:
  • the first one on the “Current state of the topic” presented in 6 five minute replies
    to sharp questions,
  • followed by innovative presentations on “New features for tomorrow”
    on the esophageal scene.


At the end of each session, the attendees will have the opportunity to put questions
to the speakers on their smartphones with the help of a special application.

Replies to these questions will be given in two, innovative one hour slots:

a Lunch session and a Tea session in the afternoon.


Other Rooms will be devoted to specialized Symposia in various disciplines,

Controversies, Reports from Pilot Centers of the Platform, and Oral communications.

Special attention will be lent to interactive Abstract sessions

which will represent a privileged opportunity for international,

inter-disciplinary exchanges.



The Stanford and Beijing teams, already cooperating, have begun to constitute

the Committees that will be responsible for a scientific program which promises

to be of exceptional interest.


The twelve winners of the Abstract competition at the 2017 Geneva Conference

will be guests of the OESO 15th congress in Beijing.

They are kindly asked to forward their latest contact details.


 Further information will be provided as the program progresses.We ask you to reserve these dates: Beijing, November 2019:Thursday 7 – Friday 8 – Saturday 9Wednesday 6 (Pre-Congress Courses)


And do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may think appropriate.



Robert Giuli

Founder – Deputy Executive Director of OESO




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