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PS3 Investigations Monday, September 1, 2003
Presidents: R.W. McCALLUM (USA)

1:30 p.m.
What is the clinical value of endoscopy and histology in the diagnosis of pathological DGER?
H.J. STEIN (Munich)

Is there a role for unsedated endoscopy with an ultra-thin endoscope (Olympus XEF-DP)?
A. FAULX (Cleveland)

Can DGR be quantitatively measured in man?
M. VAEZI (Cleveland)

Is aspiration of the gastric and esophageal contents still used to assess DGER?
R.K. MITTAL(San Diego)

Is 99mTc-HIDA scintigraphy of value in the assessment of entero-gastric bile reflux?

What are the limitations and drawbacks of 24-hr pH monitoring in the diagnosis of DGR?
J.H. SCHNEIDER (Tubigen)

2:00 p.m.
2:10 p.m.

J.H. SCHNEIDER (Germany)

What is the optimal site of probe placement (pharyngeal vs upper esophageal) in dual pH monitoring?

D.O. CASTELL (Charleston)

Compared to conventional pH recording, what is the value of the calculation of integrated acidity to quantify gastric and esophageal acidity ?
J. GARDNER (Boston)

What is the rate of nasal and throat discomfort in patients undergoing pH testing?
J.A. MURRAY (Rochester-MN)

What is the impact of food on the evaluation of DGER?
K.H. FUCHS (Wurzburg)

What standards should be agreed upon concerning the diet to be proposed to the patients, in order to prevent interference with bilirubin?
D. MUNZER (Houston)

How accurate is the BRAVO technique?
G. CARGILL (Paris)

2:40 p.m.
2:50 p.m.


Can pH monitoring allow for differentiation between esophagitis and Barrett’s esophagus?
G. TOUGAS (Hamilton)

Can pH still be considered as a valid indicator of bile reflux?

3:00 p.m.
Topic Forum
The continued value of 24hr pH monitoring of acid exposure in patients with extra-esophageal manifestations of reflux.
G.TOUGAS (Hamilton) R.K. MITTAL (San Diego)
3:10 p.m.

3:15 p.m.