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PS1 Physiology
PS2 Pathophysiology
PS3 Investigations
PS4 Investigations (Cont.)

PS5 Extra-esophageal symptoms
...........ENT symptoms

PS6 Pulmonary symptoms
PS7 Histology
...........Medical Treatments


Every 3 years, OESO organizes a World Congress, each dealing with a very focused topic of esophagology on which an international update is provided, following a unique format:

  since the first one, the program of these 3-4 day meetings has always been composed of several hundred pithy questions whose sequence attempted to cover in all the disciplines, by a sort of dissection of "the" selected topic, the persisting areas of controversy or doubt.
To answer each question, "the" expert from any part of the world was contacted, who, through a concise summary of his or her personal experience, seemed best able to provide a comprehensive answer in but 5 minutes.

So, from a complicated physio-pathological phenomenon, which seems to be a mass of sometimes apparently contradictory aspects, with consequences incompletely grasped in their therapeutic and diagnostic sequence, a logical and clear structure for reflection is proposed, each question contributing its part.

An example of the specific OESO endeavor is shown in the program of the 7th World Congress:

the questions addressed, presented as a sequence of structured scientific articles, will make up the Table of Contents of the 7th OESO book, which will be a further step in the evolutionary encyclopedia of esophagology regularly published by OESO.