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PS9 Surgical Treatments Wednesday, September 3, 2003
Presidents: C.A. PELLEGRINI (USA)

J.R. SIEWERT (Germany)

8:30 a.m.

What is the technique to best calibrate the tension of a fundoplication wrap?
S. CONTINI (Parma)

Is correlation of 24hr pH monitoring with the coughing episodes mandatory for a good indication of antireflux surgery?
CH. GUTSCHOW (Cologne)

After fundoplication, what is the rate of relief of pulmonary symptoms?
T.R. DeMEESTER (Los Angeles)

Can the effect of antireflux surgery on pharyngeal reflux be assessed?
B. OELSCHLAGER (Washington)

Following antireflux surgery, what is the rate of improvement of symptoms that have not responded to PPI therapy?
H. J. STEIN (Munich)

8:55 a.m.
9:05 a.m.


Is primary pathologic DGR a possible cause of unsatisfactory outcome after Nissen fundoplication?
J.M. COLLARD (Brussels)

Does pre and post-operative determination of the vagal nerve function allow for some understanding of the post-operative syndromes associated with anti-reflux procedures?

In post-gastrectomy DGER, what patients benefit most from a Roux Y duodenal diversion?

Following partial gastrectomy, are hyperplastic changes of the foveolar epithelium related to bile reflux?
P. BECHI (Florence)

Does a long Roux Y jejunal loop completely prevent jejunal juice from refluxing into the foregut?
J.M. COLLARD (Brussels)

What are the effects of bile diversion surgery on gastric histology?
P. BECHI (Florence)

9:35 a.m.
9:45 a.m.

K.H. FUCHS (Germany)

Are there differences in the 24-hr profiles of patients following fundoplication or duodenal diversion?
E. SIHVO (Helsinki)

What are the long-term results of duodenal switch for the treatment of primary DGER?
T.R. DeMEESTER (Los Angeles)

What is the incidence of stomal ulcers following duodenal switch?

What are the side effects of duodenal switch?
J.M. COLLARD (Brussels)

What are the results of choledoco-jejunostomy with a Roux Y limb in the treatment of primary bile reflux gastritis
S. CONTINI (Parma)

10:10 a.m.
Topic Forum
Is gastric surgery a risk for Barrett’s esophagus or adenocarcinoma?
M. LUOSTARINEN (Helsinki) - H.W. TILANUS (Rotterdam)
10:30 a.m.

10:35 a.m.