OESO is a scientific Organization founded in 1978 to set up polydisciplinary multicenter studies on esophageal disease.
An international assembly of world known specialists from 18 disciplines, OESO devotes itself to one, single organ: the esophagus.
In over 20 years, OESO has gained a particular and highly specific place as a body for clinical and fundamental research, as well as the status of a world reference in the domain of esophagology.

The unique goal of OESO has been to bring together the best specialists from all disciplines involved in esophagology.

By its renown in the scientific community and its 89 member Permanent Scientific Committee, OESO is a partner of choice to undertake multicenter clinical studies or projects in fundamental research..

Organized every two years, they are each time devoted to one, single subject of esophagology.
These congresses are based on a unique, original format: the program is composed of several hundred pithy questions whose sequence attempts to cover in all the disciplines, by a sort of dissection of the selected topic, the persisting areas of controversy or doubt.
To answer each question, "the" expert from any part of the world is then contacted, who, through a concise summary of his or her personal experience, seems best able to provide a comprehensive answer in no more than 5 minutes.
At the same time, topic forums, parallel symposiums and workshops, some of them organized in partnership with the Industry, bring the scientific exchanges to a particularly high level.
Selected papers and abstracts are published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publ.), the official journal of OESO.

Following each Congress, a book is regularly published, assembling the detailed responses to the questions posed on this occasion.
Each volume is made up of 1,000 to 1,500 pages, and a kind of an evolutionary encyclopedia is thus progressively composed, which every three years covers a comprehensive chapter in an area of esophagology.

How to make this mass of information acquired over the years by OESO available to each one? It is the role of the OESO Foundation, which renders tangible, and directly useful in daily practice the very specific achievement of OESO's network of excellence bringing together, in 18 disciplines, prominent representatives of gastroenrerology from the world over.