Deadline: May 31, 2010  

To maintain the flow of new and youthful ideas throughout the OESO and its undertakings, and to provide young researchers with a chance to begin a research project or even a career, the OESO is offering an addition to the scientific Conference:
The "Fellow and Young Investigator Award".
Committee Chair: S.J. Sontag (Chicago)

Through OESO, industrial firms involved with related pharmaceuticals, instrumentations or basic research will have the opportunity to offer a number of grants to Fellows and Young Investigators involved in research pertaining to the upper GI tract.

The GI Fellows and young investigators from international academic centers are asked to submit to OESO, before May 31, 2010 a non elaborated outline of a research proposal involving any discipline relating to the upper digestive tract.

- A multi-disciplinary OESO Committee will review the submissions and select a first group of 8 proposals.
- These selected proposals will be presented by their authors to the entire OESO audience in a 5 minute talk during the special Fellow and Young Investigator session of the Congress scheduled on Saturday, August 28, 2010 Sunday, before the Opening Ceremony of the Congress.
- The winners will be honored during the Opening Ceremony, as well as during the Gala evening.

The OESO protocol research competition organized in April 2008 at the time of the Monaco Conference was highly successful and received entries of high scientific level.

The 3 winners of that competition will be OESO's special guests in Boston and will present the progress reports of the studies they have led.


  The OESO Steering Committee invites congress participants to submit abstracts.
Posters from all disciplines, either on the theme of the Congress, or on ANY TOPIC relating to the upper digestive tract, will be welcome.


All abstracts must be submitted on-line.
- Submission will be accepted as of January 3, 2010.
- Submission of abstracts is free of charge.
- All accepted abstracts will be listed in the final scientific program of the Congress.    


A publication fee of $ 60 will apply to abstracts published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, the official Journal of OESO (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins), listed in Index Medicus with an impact factor of 2.938 (Rank: 18 of 50).


Authors of accepted abstracts must be registered for the Congress to have their abstract listed in the program or published in the Journal of OESO.



- The deadline for submission of Abstracts for Posters is extended to Monday, April 12
- May 17, 2010: Notification of acceptance/rejection.
- June 7, 2010: Compulsory registration for accepted abstracts.


There will be no oral parallel sessions for this Conference, in order to give particular emphasis to poster communications.

In this aim, in addition to the traditional poster exhibit, a computer "streaming presentation" will be shown in a special room:


Throughout the Congress, the Poster Jury as well as the attendees will have access, at any time, to the stream presentation of any posters on the program:
this consists of a computer display of up to 5 power point slides prepared by the author(s) to complete a poster with pertinent details or instructive commentaries.

Twelve Posters will be selected by the Jury, to be given in an oral presentation
(5 min.+ 5 min. discussion) during a Plenary Session scheduled for
Tuesday, August 31, (7:00-9:20 a.m).


The authors are therefore encouraged to prepare power point slides (up to 5) to accompany each of their posters.
In case of selection of their abstract, they will be asked to send the corresponding slides to the organizers, to be included in the stream presentation.

Copies of the power point slides should also be kept by the presenting author,
to be used in case of selection of the poster for oral presentation.