The OESO 8th World Conference: Front line involvement for Fellows and young investigators

This Congress provides an original innovation which is entirely in keeping with those already put forward by OESO during previous years:
The program will offer Fellows* from all participating teams the arena of a major International Congress, entrusting them with the responsibility of organizing– alongside their mentors and/or young investigators** – some of the Symposiums and Topic Forums.
In this regard, Fellows and young emerging leaders will be asked to be responsible, in the same manner as the other scientific presenters, for the answers to some of the 120 questions making up the 6 Plenary Sessions on September 4, 5 and 6, 2006.
To maintain the flow of new and youthful ideas throughout the OESO and its undertakings, and to provide young researchers with a chance to begin a research project or even a career, the OESO is offering a radical and novel addition to the scientific Conference: The "Fellow and Young Investigator Award".

Through OESO, industrial firms involved with related pharmaceuticals, instrumentations or basic research will have the opportunity to offer a number of grants to Fellows and Young Investigators involved in research pertaining to the upper GI tract.

- The GI Fellows and young investigators from international academic centers are asked to submit to OESO before February 28, 2006 a straight-forward, non elaborate research proposal.
- A multi-disciplinary OESO Committee will review the submissions and select a first group of proposals.
- These selected proposals will be presented by their authors in a 5 minute talk during the special Fellow and Young Investigator session of the Congress.
- The winners will receive an award certificate and will be honored by their Firm-Sponsor during the Gala evening.

* Are considered as "Fellows": those who are enrolled in an accredited fellowship program, and will finish their training before July 1, 2009.
The Fellows who fulfill the above requirement qualify for a reduced registration fee.

**Young investigators are those, born on or before September 3, 1976, who have finished fellowship training and are currently pursuing an interest in basic or clinical research.