In addition to the accompanying persons' program (see details further on), the organizers have given special attention to two not-to-be missed events:


As long ago as 1748, it was there that the founding fathers held rousing political rallies to shape the history of the United States, and of Boston. And today, on August 28, 2010, against a backdrop of wooden panelling, mezzanines bathed in sunlight; centuries' old paintings and sculptures, our Master of Ceremony (a familiar face to all), in his robe, will present this exceptional Ceremony. 02

…a harpist will pluck melodious strings, and interact with a piano to play interludes between the addresses, each one announced by a multi-lingual lovely young lady especially chosen for the occasion…

And, gradually, the piano will take over.
….. the notes will pick up pace, the pianist will let go into a sort of frenzy to carry the audience away, with everyone joining in, to wind up in a wild boogie-woogie like you have never heard!

…and then,
in a late summer evening,
you will leave the Hall and stroll the Quincy market, enchanting, with its
small shops, quaint restaurants,
flower stalls …under the Boston sky.

was announced as soon as last summer as a grand occasion to show off your Charleston skills…

We will be welcomed by a full 15 member band - known across the East coast,

"The White Heat Swing Orchestra",

that will put us all in party mood outside the Seaport Center for a cocktail gathering.
The evening will begin, outside, inside the Seaport ballroom and on its huge terrace overlooking the Ocean.
The orchestra will soon have our feet tapping.
Our boogie-woogie pianist will join in,
and the dinner will proceed to the tunes of

"The Roaring Twenties"

Between the courses of a Bostonian dinner, surprises galore… awards, songs… and a true competition (serious, in spite of the festive atmosphere),

a Charleston dance contest
(Get ready as of now and practice!)

Near the end… outside, at a distance
from the fun and games…
as always, maybe you'll spot a horse…
the OESO horse.