OESO feels strongly that it is important to expose young science students, who are still making career decisions, to stimulating and exciting exchanges with established researchers. Training of the next generation of talented and dedicated scientists, and facilitating and nurturing of their careers in esophageal research is another important goal of OESO.

Therefore, to inspire graduate students to enter the esophageal research field, OESO will open a new category to register graduate students for the OESO meeting at a significantly lower registration rate of $95.

This is a new offer of OESO for the Boston Conference.

Graduate students are those that attend a graduate program to obtain advanced academic degrees (MS, PhD, MD, DVM, DDS).
To be registered for the Congress as graduate student at the lower fixed rate of $95, it is necessary to submit a signed letter as a pdf file from the Dean, program Director, or primary scientific Advisor, indicating the graduate student status.