Dear Colleague,

OESO and the OESO Foundation are proud to announce a new initiative in their multi-disciplinary scientific activities.

Clinical cases are a strong basis for continuous learning and understanding of medicine.
A new initiative of the OESO intends to present monthly cases, to be discussed between the members of the international scientific community and the case author.

OESO now intends to maintain a closer contact among all those, the world over, who belong to the "esophageal family", and who wish to be kept posted on future stages of the OESO multi-disciplinary endeavour in the field of Esophagology.

OESO invites you to take part in these monthly case discussions, starting December 2009, with the presentation of a challenging case from Prof. Jean- Marie Collard (Brussels)

You will be able to provide comments, suggestions for critical decisions, or just follow the discussion including the contributions of other colleagues.

Would you or your colleagues be interested in contributing a case for one of these discussions in the future, please contact OESO.



Sincerely yours,
R. Giuli, MD, FACS

Professor of Surgery
Executive Director