Over 3 days, a multi-disciplinary approach will focus on one, single topic dissected into hundreds of questions, specialized symposiums, topic forums, bringing to bear the 18 disciplines represented in OESO:

6 plenary Sessions of 20 questions-and-answers are planned for the 3 days of the Congress. Each one will constitute an entity to consider a part of the subject, and will take place under the direction of two experts:
- One will introduce the subject with a 10 minute "keynote presentation".
- The other will close the session by summarizing, also in 10 minutes, the 20 replies and outstanding points arising from the discussions.

The Symposiums will each comprise 4 ten minute presentations followed by a twenty minute discussion.

The Topic Forums, which will bear on more focused subjects, will be comprised of 2 presentations, each of fifteen minutes, followed by a thirty minute discussion.

"Traditional" sessions of oral communication and posters will be organized to allow everyone to present his/her work which can, this time, cover any topic pertaining to the pathology of the upper digestive tract.
The presenters of the best original abstracts in gastroenterology, surgery, or basic sciences will be offered their stay in Avignon.

Three innovating focuses on  controversial issues bear witness to the up-to-date activity of OESO in three fields of multi-disciplinary esophagology: Gastroenterology, Endoscopy and Surgery.

Five Invited Lectures will be given by Drs BIANCANI, GOYAL,GREGERSEN, PELLEGRINI and SIEWERT.