Discovery of the Secret Palace of the Popes
Included for registered participants and registered accompanying persons.

- Opening Ceremony at the Opera House
- Inauguration of the Pharmaceutical
- Welcome reception: a moment with
  the wine growers of the Rhône Valley.
Included for registered participants and registered accompanying persons.

In the heart of Camargue, an immense plain of marshes and bogs, of lagoons and sand, dominated by salt which impregnates water and land. This huge, flat territory is an incredible botanical and zoological reserve with about 400 species of animals, both migratory and sedentary.

The indisputable lord of the region is the "Camargue" bull, and its constant companion is the beautiful, white horse, thought to descend from the horses brought from Asia Minor by Attila's hordes.

We will be hosted by a genuine personality of the Camargue, Mr Jacques BON, who will guide us through the festivities of the summer evening: running of the bulls, branding of calves with the name of the owner during what is known as the "ferrade", and a special "Corride", a dashing show in an arena where the purpose is to snap a red cockade hung between the horns of a bull, all leading up to a "Camarguais" dinner in the Bergerie, a converted sheep barn on Jacques Bon's ranch with a fife and drum corps, gipsy music and a roasted bull on the spit…
A country style, colorful, informal party on Monday evening, to get to know each other.
An event not to miss!

The Congress will close on September 6 with a
not-to-be-missed Gala evening which will take place in the Hall of Great Audience of the Palais des Papes.

On this special occasion, evening dress, medieval, Renaissance, or contemporary, will be welcome.

Awards Ceremony of the Prizes granted by the Firms to the Fellows and young investigators after selection of the best protocols of research on upper GI tract.

… and why not imagine a follow-up to the election of the Pope of Esophagology which was celebrated at the Abbey of Chaalis during the 6th OESO Congress, in Year 2000…