R. K. Goyal,
Mallinckrodt Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School

It is with great honor that we invite you to attend and participate in the 10th OESO
World Organization for Specialized Studies on Diseases of the Esophagus) congressto be held August 28-31, 2010 in Boston.

This is the first time that this conference is taking place outside France and promises to continue the great tradition of the nine previous OESO congresses and more.
These conferences have evolved and have now included many enhancements in the scope, presentation and scientific content.

OESO was started by the great visionary, Robert Giuli, to provide a truly multidisciplinary scientific and educational experience for all students of esophageal disorders coupled with exceptional forum for social interactions. More recent congresses have placed special emphasis on promoting young to-be world leaders in the field.
The outstanding success of the last Monaco congress in 2006 is testimony to the impact of these international gatherings on the field of esophageal diseases.

Although the scientific scope of the OESO conferences is broad and includes advancement in all disorders of the upper gastrointestinal tract, including physiology and pathophysiology of gastrointestinal motility or mucosal disorders, each congress is focused on a specific topic of common interest. For the 10th OESO meeting, the selected theme is "Barrett's esophagus", because of its importance and many lingering controversies as well as many advances in the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

Please come and join us for the first ever OESO congress in the USA in the great city of Boston to learn, teach and exchange your ideas with your colleagues in your discipline of practice and beyond. 
And, of course, come to join us for an exceptional social experience in Boston.




R. Giuli,
Executive Director of OESO