Plenary Session 9

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9 Tuesday, September 4, 7:30 - 9:30 am
New therapeutic strategies for squamous cell cancer and adenocarcinoma
Chairs: D. Kandioler (Vienna) – D.H. Ilson (New York)
Discussant: M. Krasna (Neptune)

Topic A: Targeted agents and biomarkers in esophageal squamous cell and adenocarcinoma

  1. Trastuzumab: is there a role for distal esophageal adenocarcinoma, or any potential for treatment for esophageal dysplasia/intra-epithelial neoplasia? K. Perez (Providence)         
  2. Are there SNP’s that are potentially prognostic or predictive of therapy outcome in squamous cancers or adenocarcinoma, and are there such biomarkers in potentially high risk populations? D. Vallböhmer (Cologne)
  3. What is the role of phenotype and genotype in selecting patients for targeted therapy for esophageal cancer? B.P. Wijnhoven (Rotterdam)
  4. Are there any promising new targets for new drug development, what targeted agents are in phase II and III trials? W. El Rifai (Nashville)
  5. What is the current role of FDG PET scan in staging, response assessment, and therapy decision making in esophageal squamous cell and adenocarcinoma D.H. Ilson (New York)

Topic B: What is the current role of different surgical approaches and what is the impact of surgical complications?

  1. Does neo-adjuvant treatment increase peri-operative morbidity and/or mortality rates after esophagectomy? B.P. Wijnhoven (Rotterdam)
  2. Do complications really influence long term prognosis? Does it depend on the severity? P.M. Schneider (Zurich)
  3. Is there a place for trans-hiatal esophagectomy in treatment of the esophageal cancer? V.N. Felix (Sao Paulo)
  4. Does the level of the intra-thoracic esophago-gastrostomy matter with respect to outcome? P.M. Schneider (Zurich)

Topic C: Combined modality therapy as preoperative or definitive therapy

  1. How do we treat patients with significant residual disease (N+) after preoperative chemotherapy, and is postoperative chemotherapy justified?
    a.    Yes B.P. Wijnhoven (Rotterdam)
    b.    No D.H. Ilson (New York)
  2. Are there indications for neo-adjuvant chemo-radiation in early stage esophageal cancer? D. Kandioler (Vienna)
  3. What is the current role of salvage esophagectomy following local failure of definitive chemo-radiation without prior surgery? P.M. Schneider (Zurich)
  4. Does surgery play a role for stage III squamous cancer after chemoradiotherapy?  
    a.     Yes R. Van Hillegersberg (Utrecht)
    b.     No D.H. Ilson (New York)
  5. The optimal preoperative treatment prior to surgery is:
    a.    Chemotherapy K. Perez (Providence)
    b.    Chemoradiotherapy M.J.  Krasna (Neptune)

Topic D: What is the best palliative approach to dysphagia?

  1. In what circumstances is surgical palliation better than a self-expansible prosthesis in the treatment of advanced esophageal cancer? M. Schiesser (Zurich)
  2. Palliation of malignant dysphagia: stent, brachy-therapy, both, or chemo-radiation?
    a.    Chemoradiation or stent K. Dua (Milwaukee)
    b.    Chemotherapy D.H.  Ilson (New York)
  3. Are there advantages in using radioactive or drug eluting stents? K. Dua (Milwaukee)